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Accident Story - Midnight Summer Lock Repair Service

Accident Story - Midnight Summer Lock Repair Service

It is a policy at our locksmith company to help customers with urgent needs 24/7

That night everything was calm until the phone rang and a customer asked for our assistance in a desperate voice. He explained that the lock on his front door wouldn't work and he had been trying to fix it on his own for hours. He admitted that the lock seemed to be completely damaged now and he didn't know what to do. I talked to him and he sounded exhausted. A few minutes later when I got to his place, he told me he gets up around five in the morning and was so anxious about not being able to lock the door that he got carried away trying to fix it and the more he failed the more anxious he became.

I told him to sit back for a minute and relax. The first few minutes he wouldn't even sit. He was curious to see what was wrong and watch the whole lock repair process. It was natural. When I started working and explained what was wrong and also reassured him that there was no need to change it, he sat on his sofa and felt relieved. As I was working he was telling me that their family budget is tight and was only trying to save some money, but ended up exhausting himself for nothing. He also told me that as time went by he got more concerned and wondered whether he would find a professional local locksmith to help him at such a late hour.

I reassured him that our company is here to take care of such urgent needs at all times and shouldn't worry about a thing. I think he was so tired he had almost fallen asleep on the couch when I told him the door locks were fixed. Despite his exhaustion, I could see how happy he was that the problem had been solved and he could lock up for the night without worrying about the security of his family. It was a pleasure to help him out. I made sure the lock was repaired, and that the door closes properly, not just because it was my job, but also because I really felt his agony. I was really touched and happy when I got his message a few days later saying that he wanted to thank me for my good work and fast assistance.

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