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Simple Troubleshooting for 5 Common Residential Lock Problems

Simple Troubleshooting for 5 Common Residential Lock Problems
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Getting locked out of the home or a room because of a broken lock is terrible. When it happens, most either attempt to break in (which is not a great idea) or call an emergency locksmith service. Yet, often well in advance of getting locked out, there were warning signs that a problem was looming. Many do not fix the problem when they could. Why? Usually because they do not know what to do. Here are the five most common residential lock problems and what can or should be done.Simple Troubleshooting for 5 Common Residential Lock Problems

*   Latch doesn’t latch: One of the most common problems, especially in older homes, involves settling. As the home settles on the foundation, the frames around windows and doors often become slightly warped. This causes a misalignment and the latch bolt will often catch against the strike plate. Depending on how misaligned the unit is, some simple filing could fix the problem. If in doubt, call our locksmith service

*   Knob is loose: Door knobs often become loose over time. This is because any mechanical device will do so with use. To fix this, simply tighten the screws found on the backside of the door knob housing.

*   Key doesn’t work: There could be many reasons for this. If the key is new, it likely needs to be filed or buffed a bit, or remade altogether. If the key is old, it could be worn out and needs to be replaced. If the key turns but does not unlock, it is likely time to replace the lock. 

*   Key is tight to turn: If the key is tight to turn, especially if it had been fine at an earlier date, there could be a couple of problems. If the weather is cold and has been moist, there could be ice built up inside the keyway. A simple solution is to heat the key, then insert to melt any ice. If the lock is old, the keyway could be dirty inside. Use a graphite lubricant either by spraying it into the keyway or onto the key before putting it into the lock. If this does not work, you should give us a call.

*   Home has been Burglarized: Nothing sets worse for many than having their home violated. If this happens, there are two options which can help the family regain a sense of security. The first is to consider a smart lock, which is a residential lock system with electronic capabilities. Another would be to install a high security door lock. These are very useful because while maintaining traditional cylinder lock and key designs, the construction is such that these locks are most difficult to access by illicit means. The keyway is tighter and there are often specialized components within to make picking very difficult. Also, the construction is much better to reduce the potential for forced entry. Our local locksmith service can install either system for you.

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